Edison Chiloquin & Klamath History     Watch RealVideo!

                      Edison Chiloquin was my good friend. Now he is free to fly
                      beyond the confines of the flesh. --Barry Hood

                                  Edison Chiloqion, A profile in Native American Courage!
            Return of the Raven:
                 The Edison Chiloquin Story

Edison Chiloquin's story is a non-traditional "western."  But this time the Indian wins!  Imagine your family lived in what is now known as Oregon for the last ten-thousand years. Imagine you have a quarter-million dollar United States Government check issued in your name. Imagine if you were to sign the check and take the money, you would be selling out your unique heritage.   You would no longer be a Klamath Indian entitled to your thousands of acres of rich tribal lands and but just another American.  One with a fat check, and little education about what to do with it.  You would be lost in a white man's world.   Over two-thousand Klamath Indians took the checks.  Edison Chiloquin was the only one who did not.

Instead of the government checks, Edison Chiloquin wanted to keep his ancestral land.   The land where his grandfather was once the head man or "chief" of his tribe. The land where he is buried.

Now imagine you make international headlines.  You go  back to Congress. You ask them to right a wrong done against Indian people in the 1800's, the 1950's and 1960's!  But many in the government want you to exchange the money for the land, and they want to sell it to you at 1980's prices.

But you cannot buy land--and you cannot sell land.

To you, in your traditional beliefs, the Earth is a Mother.  You cannot sell Mother Earth.  Anything which amounts to a payment for the land is WRONG.  And anything which amounts to selling it is also.

You feel that this land is and has always been Indian Land.

Your story and picture make the front page of international newspapers.

Some jealous neighbors snicker as you walk past.

The FBI is watching you.

At your ancestral village you begin a vigil.  You  light the Sacred Fire which is tended throughout the seasons. For seven years it never once goes out. Your sacred belief is that the smoke from this fire brings your dreams into the spirit world

A special act is written for you. It's signed into law by the President, Jimmy Carter,  by now a "lame duck" president.   And naturally,  the new Republican team drags its heels.  President Reagan is painfully slow. 

You have become a cultural legend among Indian people. But years later, nothing has happened.  Only meaningless words on paper.  Like so many other "treaties." And you can't help but to feel like they're just waiting for you to die!                          

Return of the Raven, the Edison Chiloquin Story"--An incredibly timeless, sensitive, and inspiring story of one man's courage and his faith in the power of his sacred ancient traditional Native American beliefs. 

A powerful award-winning program which will be a treasured  part of your video collection. The beautiful and precious story of an American hero! 

A living hero,--at a time when heroes are becoming few and far between.

Perhaps non-existent.

Many of the themes echoed in Edison Chiloquin's story still exist as a call to those who also harbor his sacred beliefs. That Sacred Fire of traditional belief now burns within us all on a global level.     One day humanity may understand what Edison Chiloquin and traditional people everywhere know and embrace.  And until then, we are left with stories like his to serve as guides.

Edison Chiloquin is a world-class hero in every sense.  In our modern world,  there are few Native American role models and    heroes are few and far between.  Edison Chiloquin died early in 2003.  But he left us his story as an inspiration for all traditional people to follow, and stand firm against those forces which would try to oppress traditional beliefs.


                                  Indian face profile on the Cliff high above the Plaikini Village.  Graphic Copyright 1999 by Televideos        
                                            Return of the Raven:         
                                      The Edison Chiloquin Story

  • 47-minutes

  • Color

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