Beatles Last Concert Candlestick Park San Francisco DVD


The Beatles Last Concert DVD
August 29th, 1966
Candlestick Park
San Francisco


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The Beatles Last Concert
San Francisco's Candlestick Park

48 years ago, On August 29th 1966, Beatlemania was at its peak and THE BEATLES performed their last concert at San Francisco's Candlestick Park!  This DVD is a perfect for any Beatles' collection. We have a limited number of these discs which have been hand signed by the film's Producer.  The DVD is non-regionally encoded so it will play worldwide.  

Watch previouslly unreleased and unseen Beatles footage!  This DVD contains much more than the only available footage The Beatles final concert.  We bring you into the San Francisco Giants' locker room before the show for an exclusive party! Then experience the excitement erupt when John, Paul, George and Ringo take the stage for their last thrilling rock & roll venue!     Rare, unseen, entertaining and highly collectible. 

Watch what can be called the "Last Hard Day's Night" unfold in San Francisco as frenzied Beatlemaniacs attempt to block The Beatles bus from entering Candlestick, in hopes of getting an autograph, or maybe even a lock of hair or more!  See the excitement as the kids begin to rush the stage out on second base! This is the last time the world experienced Beatlemania!

This authoritative DVD has won the acclaim of both the mainstream media and even more critical Beatles fan publications throughout the world! The Beatles Live In San Francisco. This priceless film has been called the definitive story of The Beatles Final Concert.   And you can add this special signed limited edition copy to your Beatles DVD library now.  In addition to great San Francisco Beatles Candlestick Park footage, this DVD  includes a complete assortment of mouthwatering Beatles 1965 San Francisco Cow Palace film.

                                                 Press Reviews:

"There is all manner of rare  film footage included.  It captures the mood of the city in the mid-l960's, takes the viewer into the Beatles dressing room, shows the kids charging the stage...overall, a perfectly delightful   production."
- Phil Elwood, --The San Francisco Examiner

"Every effort has been made to make something really special. An incredible amount of spectacular, previously unreleased Beatles San Francisco footage in exquisite pristine condition guarantees this video to be the definitive source of last concert material."
--Beatles Unlimited Magizine

The Beatles Famous San Francisco Press Conference:  John Lennon, George Harrison & Paul McCartney
The San Francisco Press Conference

"Archival footage abounds... live shows, where the Beatles are dwarfed by their vast screaming audiences . . . watching the press conferences, one senses the weariness of the group . . . This video superbly captures the mania that surrounded the group during its tumultuous forays to America."
--Discoveries Magazine

". . . The picture quality, very good and more . . .Seeing something that up until now was only seen in still photographs is incredible."
-Good Day Sunshine Magazine

"Smoothly put together . . . fans will want it for its collection of local TV coverage of the Beatles' touring days."
--Beatlefan Magazine

 "All the thrills and excitement of . . . a Beatles' concert are here."
--Penny Lane Press Magazine

Did you know that an unused Beatles Candlestick Park ticket can fetch as much as $500 U.S?
Your Ticket to the Beatles San Francisco Final Concert!

                 The BEATLES: "Live in San Francisco"

  • 60-minutes, Color & B+W.
  • Rare high quality footage in pristine condition on dvd
  • Unique Color plastic library case with mini-concert poster
  • Unavailable Elsewhere
  • Entertaining, Authoritative and Guaranteed